SOL 2/9/16: One Too Many Chairs

My husband is a pack rat. We have a two car garage and can’t fit a car it in. Granted, we do have a pop up camper in there, but still. I think I should be able to park my car in there. He can’t seem to throw anything away! Everything has “sentimental value.” We’ve been married for 20 years and we still have “arguments” about things that need a new home.

For my birthday last month, I decided I wanted a new chair in our bedroom. I love to read (and I’m in a love affair with writing) and I need a chair that will allow me to do that. The chair I have now is not really built for those activities. To get the new chair, I need to get rid of the old one. And I have to tell him I’m getting rid of it. So I did last night. And it didn’t go well, not that I expected it to!

He wants to wait. See if his sister wants it. Seems to run in the family, she saves stuff too! And now I’m afraid, my kids may inherit

that disease, too!

Maybe I should just sneak some stuff into my car when they are sleeping!

5 thoughts on “SOL 2/9/16: One Too Many Chairs

  1. i hope you get your chair soon! I am sure that the chair can find another place in the house to wait on whoever else may want it. It is so hard to let go of things sometimes, and I think that the longer we live we either purge or hoard our lives.

  2. I love this, Kelly. I love the sincerity and the humor in here – your voice really shines through.

    My husband is a pack rat, too! So is his mom… and his aunt… and his sister. I fear for Maddie and Katie. 🙁

  3. I have to say, I’m the packrat in our marriage. 🙂 The way I look at it, you may need that one item again, so I always keep it. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Great post, though! I hope you find the right chair for your activities.

  4. Every relationship needs to have one who is willing to let it go. My husband would be that one in my life. Hope you can get the chair to fit your needs and ship that old chair off to your sister-in-law or some charity. Good luck!

  5. The title of this piece grabbed my attention and the content is so real. Love the voice of this piece and boy can I relate! “But honey, you’ve had this shirt since the 1970’s!”

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