SOL 3/6/16: Love You More!

“Love you more,” Luke says when I kiss him goodnight.
“No, it’s my turn,” I tell him.
“No, you can have tomorrow!” he replies.
“No, I love you more than you love me. You can have tomorrow!” I say quickly so he don’t beat me to it!
“Mom!” he whines.
“What?” I ask sheepishly.
“You know tomorrow never comes,” Luke states matter of factly.
“Where did you ever hear that?” I laugh.
With a cheshire cat grin, he firmly states, “from you!”

He’ll never know that he can’t possibly love me more than I love him.
At least not until he has his own kids.

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4 thoughts on “SOL 3/6/16: Love You More!

  1. This is such a sweet Slice, Kelly. I love that you have this conversation with him now, even at his age. I”m so afraid all the mushy-gushy lovie stuff will disappear when my girls get older. I hope it never does.

    And it’s true. They couldn’t possibly love me more than I love them.

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