SOL 3/7/16: He Gets it from his Father!

My husband is a pack rat. You’ve heard that before. He can’t bear to give up things. Luke gets it from him.

Luke was getting a new dresser. The one he had was a “handy-down” and had seen better days. The drawers didn’t work, they came out wrong, the bottoms were falling out. He needed a new one. We went out and bought him a new dresser to match his bed. I thought it was awesome, and would be welcomed with smiles.

“I don’t want it,” Luke told us.
“Luke, it’s nice, works right!” I tell him.
“Doesn’t matter, I like my dresser the way it is,” he demands.
“Too bad,” I tell him. “We are putting your old one out on the curb. The garbage men or anyone else can have it. It doesn’t work and it needs to be recycled.”

Marty and I drag the old one outside, and put it on the curb.
Not a half hour later, Marty calls me to the front window.
There is Luke sitting on top of his old dresser, crying and saying goodbye.

He gets it from his father.

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5 thoughts on “SOL 3/7/16: He Gets it from his Father!

  1. I feel like that is the most adorable and heart-warming thing I have every heard of! I wish I held more sentimental towards things, but I’m more like an anti-pack rat- I want to throw everything away!

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