SOL 3/14/16: Giving Blood

Chelsea not only woke up, but hopped out of bed the first time I went in to her room.
She was excited because she was giving blood at school. It’s the first time she’s giving blood. They are having a blood drive at school and students who are 16 can donate with a signed permission slip from home.
“I’m so excited! Today I am going to save someone’s life!” she proudly announced at the breakfast table.
“I think it’s more like three,” I respond.
“Wow, three! That’s even better!”
“Remember to drink a lot of water before hand and to eat something afterward,” I remind her.
“Oh I will! I may not make it back to 3rd period!” she explains!
“Are you a vampire?” I tease her.
“Mom, I’m giving blood, not drinking it!” she laughs as she replies.
As I wish her a good day when dropping her off, I realize how worldly my darling girl is becoming. She’s giving blood so someone else, a stranger, can benefit!
Not bad for a 16 year old!

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3 thoughts on “SOL 3/14/16: Giving Blood

  1. OMG! I cannot believe that she is 16. Funny how time flies. I think that it is great that she is so excited to be helping out someone else. Kelly, you have done your job! Go Chelsea!

  2. How did it go? I still remember giving blood in high school. This slice is a good reminder to me about the spirit in which I do things.

  3. What a fine young lady she is turning out to be, huh? You must be so proud.

    I read your Slices and feel like I’m glimpsing into my own future. 🙂

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