SOL 3/15/16: Giving Blood, Part 2

“I couldn’t give blood today!” Chelsea texted me from school.
“Oh no, why not?”
“The lady missed my vein,” she replied.
I could hear the dejection in her “voice.”
She wanted so badly to help someone else and fell short.
“Can we go to one of these places and try again?” she inquired and sent me a picture with the list of sites we could visit.
“Absolutely!” I tell her.
“Good, but maybe in a few weeks. My arm hurts, a lot!” she responds.
I feel horrible for her. She wanted to help people and was turned away.
I’m glad, though, that she still has the attitude and wants to help, even though she ran into a bump. She’s such a sweet, caring young lady.
I’m so thankful for her!

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5 thoughts on “SOL 3/15/16: Giving Blood, Part 2

  1. Grrr. This happened once before surgery for me, but not getting the sample was just not an option. I finally asked for a different tech and magically they did it on the first try.

    The good news is she will have plenty of opportunities in the future!

  2. Giving blood is a wonderful way to help others. Not all nurses are able to find veins equally well. Glad to hear she is willing to try again. All the best

  3. Oh, what a bummer! Especially after how excited she was!

    I’m glad she didn’t lose the desire to help! I hope she gets to donate eventually.

  4. Give it a few weeks and have her try again. It is great that she has not given up as a lot of people would do. I like to read about young people who want to help others.

  5. My daughter had the same experience almost her first time trying to donate. Shortly after starting they noticed a problem and she wasn’t able to donate. She was so upset. Good for your daughter for not giving up.

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