May 10th SOL

We aren’t yet “empty nesters,” yet this past Saturday it sure felt like it. Luke was out at a movie with friends and Chelsea was working. Marty and I were home alone for dinner. It was so weird to make dinner only for the two of us. While dinner was cooking, we started a fire in our backyard fire pit.

The smell brought me back to when we were younger, sans kids, and would often go camping. We’d sit outside and watch the fire, talk and enjoy each other’s company. We’d talk about all sorts of things–what we dreamed of, what we wished for, what we were dealing with.

While it was very odd not to have the kids home, it was wonderful to sit and just BE with Marty. We weren’t talking about who had to go to where, what was on the calendar for the week, what chores we had to do. The cares of the day, the week, the year were left in the house.
We just WERE with each other!

It didn’t last long, and it was enough to re-energize both of us!

4 thoughts on “May 10th SOL

  1. My partner and I were empty nesters for a while.Then my married son decided to go to law school. Law school is expensive, so they moved in with us. I am really very happy about it since it is more like adults sharing a house than being responsible for youngsters again.

  2. Just a little taste of what will happen in the future. Sounds like it will be a fun time for you and Marty. It is nice to get to reconnect in the old ways again, but still have the love of the family.

  3. This is such a sweet moment, Kelly. As I was reading, I was wondering how many of those shared dreams of yours came true…

    Glad you took the time to write today – now you have this moment forever.

  4. Oh this was a sweet moment. A little preview. I’m going to be an empty nester after the summer- not sure what to think about it. Glad you got a little break and time for relaxation.

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